Setting up draft analysis

I’m trying to wrap my head around designing a part for tooling. For this part I set up a custom cplane that is normal to the green line (direction of pull). Draft analysis shows that everything falls within the 5 degree tolerance, but in side view it is clear the part has an undercut that would prevent part release (red line):

I’m assuming something must be wrong with how I set up the normals. The normals are all pointing out as customer facing surfaces:

This is the draft analysis with this normals setup. The surface that easily clears tool path is red and the undercut in blue:

What is the logic surrounded normals and draft analysis?

tooling.3dm (796.3 KB)


Hi Justin - think of the solid that these surfaces are part of - the normals should point outward from that solid. The CPlane being used should have Z in the pull direction.



I see the z direction was flipped the wrong way. The X,Y,Z icon in the bottom left of the screen doesn’t seem to match the orientation of the custom cplane…

That is always the World XYZ…


Makes sense now, just got disoriented.


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