Setting up color and amount of circles based on data trees - Populate 2D

Hi guys!

I have a populate 2D, where the count is given by the sum of all people present inside of a location.
The problem is… All these people belongs to a specific department and I need to indentify them by some color.
f.e.: There are 200 people in a location, where 50 belongs to “center A”, 50 to “center b” and 100 to “center c”.
I would like to have each circle colored by their respective “CENTERS/DEPARTMENTS”.

All the data is given by a CSV file (attached) which is pretty easy to manipulate with Excel (image):

I’m a quite new at grasshopper and the manipulation of data trees has being a little difficult to understand. I really appreciate any tips.


results.rar (17.2 KB)

It’s key to not input a grafted list into the populate component, but to populate the total amount & group the points (via partition list) after.


edit: thinking about it, you’d simply have to plug in different seeds to not generate overlap. but then again, you couldn’t do this:


I really appreciate your attention, it’s so nice!

for me, there’s a lot to learn with this setup for sure

Expression component seems a very powerful tool… I’ll try to solve some problems around this component to learn a little more.

One more question, could I establish fixed colors to each “CENTRO”?

If the time interval returns a list with only 8 “centros”, the expression will give different colors than before, right? So it means I can’t make comparisons with different times.

Again, thanks a lot!


Problem solved :wink:

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Thank you! :wink: