Setting multiple rhino group objects as input

Hi Everyone

I am trying to use OpenNest component to nest parts. Each part has closed 2d curve which defines outer edge and many other objects (curves for seams, text for part ID, …).

I have manage to create working script but I have to select each part boundary curve separately and then once more each part with all details for transformation (see image)

Is there way to to make this script more “automatic”? For example to select all parts at once like rhino group objects? Or to select all objects and then group them by boundary? …


Human will allow you to sort by Rhino Groups. You will need to learn how to work with trees tho.

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You can extract outline / boundary curve of group like below:

Like in this thread:

thank you, “human” helped me a lot, as boundary is only closed curve in group I extract them with “closed” and “dispatch”