Setting input/output descriptions, component name and version in Hops


We are really happy with the new opportunities hops gives us to share grasshopper definitions within our company. Big applause for the new feature to be able to have a tree as input!

We would like to develop hops definitions and share them with others. For As far as I know it is not possible to:

  • Add descriptions on input and outputs
  • Setting hops component name and version.

This would look like this (the version is set as message for the cluster):

As a work around we wrap the hops component in a grasshopper cluster (example shown in the above picture). We save it as user object which can be used by anyone in our company.

We however face two other problems:

  • Since the hops object is in a cluster, the asynchronous solving functionality is not working in our main grasshopper definitions.
  • We now create a dynamic path in the cluster which is based on the users account to set the hop path generated. If we open the user object on another computer the hops component is gone.

Is there anyway to solve these issues when the hops component is inside a cluster? And could the new features for setting descriptions on outputs, component names and versions be added to the development roadmap?

Another feature would be to add custom inputs and outputs like for example Karamba 3D objects. Would this be even possible?