Setting for mesh export?

I have a bunch of boxes I want to export as meshes, they were made using the standard box command. I just want one polygon for each box side yet the mesher won’t do this or I just can’t remember the proper settings.
What are the settings once again to get one polygon face per face for box export?

Hi Roland - try first converting the boxes to breps from extrusions (ConvertExtrusion), then setting minimum quads to zero and ‘Jagged seams’ checked, ‘Refine’ un-checked.


Thanks Pascal,
The convert part was the part I was missing, hey those darn exrtrusions are supposed to behave just like polysurfs was the initial reasoning. I didn’t know or forgot I had to convert them first. In the future a user should not have to separately deal with extrusions before export, kind of nerdy the way it is now or at least a message saying “using extrusions for exporting meshes will result in some surfaces being converted to triangles. Do you wish to convert extrusions before meshing? yes/no”

I hope there can be a standard settings library of mesh pre sets to make exporting meshes easier for V6.
Thanks for your super fast help!

It is a little nerdy in parts, I agree - with meshing it’s even more special, extrusions were designed to have a specific, very fast and lightweight meshing (they are meshed on the fly in Rhino) so the normal settings don’t really apply completely even though it would be nice if they did.