Setting custom line colors?

is there a way to get a python script to differienciate the colors of varying line types like line/polyline = blue, arcs = red ???

Pretty easy to write one… Do you want to have these colors hard-wired into the script? If so, perhaps post what colors you want to be associated with what object type (and what should be left alone). Also if you want it to work on objects that are hidden or on off/locked layers. Keep in mind this will only affect existing objects in the document and not newly created ones.

HTH, --Mitch

hi thanks for the quick reply well to just Set a custom color for curves a custom color for lines and poly lines.

because when I’m creating a polyline that I want to have curves in. is that I might overlook a couple of those curves meaning that when I join them together for an extrude they will have and obscenely amount of sides to them making them very game engine unfriendly… kinda like a safety precaution

ie I draw 4 lines 2 parallel horizontal and 2 parallel verticle and I contect them with curves
say I want lines/polylines to be black, and all curves to be blue.
so when I join them they become black again

just a visuall q to remind me to convert the curves into more manageable poly lines before I join them all into one

I wish there was a setting in the rhino options for it but its just the universal color for lines not a option for each type of line

Unfortunately won’t work that way… When you join the curves, they become new objects, and depending on how they were selected, they might retain one or the other of their originally assigned colors, but you won’t know which unless you pick them in a specific order.


awe shucks thanks man