Setting absolute size of a bitmap texture

Dear all,

I’ve created a bitmap texture material for a fence grid. Now I want to apply it to objects with different sizes, however keep the grid texture consistent so it does not adjust its size to the dimensions of the object but automatically tiles the object’s surface with its natural size. I could do that with ‘Repeat’, however the repeat factor must be adjusted individually for each object, that is very time consuming as there are thousands. Is there an easier way to do this?

many thanks in advance

Hi Cyana - if you set planar mapping (for example) on the objects and make the planes all the same size, it should look correct. The pain here would be setting up the planar (or whatever) mapping for each object. In the case of parallel objects that can use the same plane, use MatchMapping once it is set up on one object.


Hi Pascal,

thank you very much for your helpful reply - I’m working with your suggestion now, it cuts down the work significantly. However, it would be great if something like an endless tile option with fixed size could be implemented in the materials.

thanks again

It is. In the bitmap properties of the material, select WCS Box as the mapping type.


wow - thanks Andy, this does the trick. I tried it before, however the result was strange - now I found out that the size I set was far too small.

best thanks