Setting a Rhino object as a GH component with a Rhino button?

Can I create a button in Rhino that sets a Rhino object as a GH component (or replaces a Rhino object that is set as a GH component for another object)?

Hi Erik -

I’m not completely understand what it is that you are trying to do. Have you looked at the GrasshopperPlayer command?

Yes, I have had a brief look at GH player, but it seems to run a GH definition from start to end.
I am looking for a button that makes it possible to bring rhino objects as a GH component in an active GH definition, without having to enter GH.
Now I have to open GH, find the component I want to change, click RMB on set (in this case) mesh or Subd, and continue in Rhino from there.
My goal is to keep GH completely in the background, except the remote panel.
But since my knowledge of GH is very limited, I have no idea how to do that.

Hi Erik -
That still sounds like something for GrasshopperPlayer.
Could you either provide more details, or, better, post a small GH file that can give me a better idea of what you are trying to do?

I will do that,maybe late this evening or tomorrow.
Thanks for looking into this!
I am working on a method for other shoemakers to model lasts.
I have made video’s about the method I use in my daily practice. If you want to see where I need this GH stuff for you can go to my YouTube channel.

Hi Wim,

My goal is to have two (or more) meshes that I can use one after another as a cage to deform an object, in this case a subD. This way I can choose the level of detail that is being deformed. Start with overall modification, followed by more detailed deformation, and maybe back and forth a few times if neccesary. The morph component in this example is from Daniel Piker’s Fattener.gha

By morphing the subD (Orange) from the reference mesh (green) tot he target mesh (blue) I can use the blue mesh to deform the SubD by dragging the vertices of the mesh.
At the same time a more dense mesh (the cyan “second target mesh”) also morphs between the reference- and target-mesh.

After manipulating the blue target mesh I want to continue deforming the SubD , but now in a more detailed way, by using the (morphed) second target mesh that has more vertices.

To be able to do that I have bake the morphed “second target mesh” (magenta) and the morphed SubD (Brown).

Next I have to set the magenta mesh as the new target, the cyan mesh as the new reference mesh and the brown SubD as the new object to morph between these meshes.

I would like to be able to do this without having to enter Grasshopper.

Is it possible to create a button that sets new meshes as target and reference, and a new SubD as the morphed object?

I hope I have been clear enough and that you can find a solution, that would be great.

SecondTargetmesh.3dm (106.5 KB) (19.8 KB)

@wim , @DanielPiker
Have you seen my explanation about what I hope to achieve with this morphing between meshes?
Switching between different sets of reference- and target meshes with a few button clicks would be a great improvement of my workflow.
I am a bit stuck in here, any help to get this working would be great.

just to understand if I have understood the process, would something like this help? or you are looking for something even simpler?

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Thank you inno!
This comes very close, I will leave a longer reply this evening.

the way it works now is by using Elefront Bake to generate a second (more defined) mesh and automatically reference it because of its object_name

but in the definition -as it is now- you can’t go back, meaning that once you bake the more-defined mesh, that will not cage morph the previous one

it’s easy to have data flow forward, but it’s difficult to have data flow backwards :slight_smile:

this is the definition from the previous post (32.9 KB)

Thanks again @inno
Since I have only very little knowledge of Grasshopper it will take more time for me than I have tonight to understand exactly how your definition works.
This weekend I will dig in deeper and hopefully I will come to a complete understanding of what is happening here.
This will help a lot, I will let you know my results.