SetPt suddenly doesn't work on block objects

After the latest update ((7.11.21257.7001, 2021-09-14) the SetPt command will not let me select a block object. I inserted an AutoCAD reference drawing that didn’t come in on the cplane. When I went to use SetPt to correct this it wouldn’t let me select the block. This is different behavior than in the past.


Hi Dennis - as far as I know Setpt has never worked on blocks - it is hard to see how it could, in general - unless inside of BlockEdit. It does work on selected block insert points - I guess this could be assumed if a block is selected - are you saying that was behavior you have seen in the past (not sure I ever tried it before…)


I seem to remember that this has worked before. I have had blocks from AutoCAD not come in on the cplane and thought I had used SetPt to fix it. But I am an unreliable witness to my own life at times!