SetPt Issues

NewModel.1.2.3dm (347.7 KB)

I am trying to fix Naked Edges and as you can see these lines aren’t really together in the best possibly way. I saw that I could use the SetPt tool but in this case it’s not that easy for me. I have been looking at tutorials and it seems very easy, but I have tried for a while and I really don’t know how to do this. Is there anybody that could give me some good tips?


Let me try if this is ok for you:
Step1) Explode or Extractsrf to remove the outer shell part which seems to be overlapping and causing the naked edge. (these can be deleted)

Step2) Using BlendCrv blend the small gap between two curves (setting both sides to tangency). And then join them together. Below is the curve to blend&join, which you already have.

Step3)Using the curve created, from Top View, hack off the surface that was sticking out(need to zoom in quite a lot). Click twice to trim both top surface and bottom surface.

Step4) Doing a same BlendCrv in the bottom side and join to make a curve same as top, on the bottom surface.
From the two curves loft to make the problematic surface.
Join and the naked edge should be gone!

NewModel.1.2_BlendCrv.3dm (1.9 MB)

Thank you so much for have taken time to look at it, ill look at it and learn

The problem you are having is the result of creating surfaces from extremely sloppy input curves. Fixing that one area isn’t going to make this a good model. You could spend the rest of your life trying to fix all the problems you are likely to encounter with this model.

This model is a perfect example of all the bad things that will befall you when you make curves that are supposed to be all on the same plane but are off by a smidgen; circles and revolves that are supposed to be concentric but are off by a hair’s width. It is also a bad idea to make curves that are close to being tangent but are not quite tangent.

You should go back and construct accurate input curves. With accurate input curves the process of making a sound model is easy and fast. And you will be able to move on to whatever else you want to add to the model and expect that to work trouble free.

In the enclosed file is an example of input curves that are accurate. With accurate curves creating the model you want takes less than a minute. The notes window in the file explain the steps.

NewModelX.3dm (385.3 KB)


Ye I know this is a very easy model to make if you know what you are doing. Im not going to tell you how long I have tried with this one, but it is a long time. I am going to go through what you have created and I thank you very much for taken the time. This model you just did make so much more sense than mine. I knew I had a problem with that revolving thing in the beginning, but it was an example on Rhino’s page that I was following. Anyway

I really appreciate it


I’m still on my learning curve myself, but every time I get myself stuck on a problem I feel I get a deeper understanding.
I felt going through video tutorials to understand the thought process of the experts helped quite much.
Silent tutorials not as much. Best was seeing the tutorial fail and seeing how they recover.

It is always very good to go through Youtube tutorials, and yes, you do learn by making mistakes. A bit annoying to see someone like Jim, making the same model in a minute, that took me (i’m not going to tell you how long) a while :slight_smile:

but it’s good and very nice that people actually take time off from their life and actually help beginners, just like that. Much appreciated

I didn’t say that.
I spent about 10 minutes analyzing your surfaces and the curves that went into making them and concluded it would take hours or even days to try to straighten out the existing surfaces. Then I spent another 10 minutes coming up with the curves that would make it easy to construct the object in under a minute.

Does it take you any longer than a minute for you using the good input curves?
You should be able to create the revolved parts in about 10 seconds. Extrude the other curve in about 10 seconds. and then start the trim command and click on the unwanted parts - that 's maybe 20 seconds more, and you still have 20m seconds left to join the 3 parts together.

Alright, I understand. Anyway I am very thankful for what you did to help me and I am sorry if I misunderstood anything


Here is one of my favorite videos for how to make geometry clean and fast. It’s part of the Rhino 5 Essential Training course at If you’re not a member, here’s a link for 10-days free.

What’s the advantage to replacing the planar revolved surfaces?