Setpt for all the individdual curves at once

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This is my first question on this forum. if i did any mistake please forgive me…

I have a layer which idicates some curves for the outlines of the buildings and they are as high as their real “z” value. However there is a problem with these curves, they are not planar individually. I want to make them planar but keep their maximum “z” value. I am using “setpt” command one by one but there are 2000 building contours :frowning: is there a way to solve this issue?

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You would need a script (or Grasshopper) for this, there is no native Rhino command to do exactly this. Let me see what I can put together here…

OK something like this should probably work: (1.1 KB)

To run the script, save the .py file above somewhere like on your desktop, In Rhino type _RunPythonScript, browse to the file and hit Open, then select your curves and hit Enter.

Always save the file first in case anything goes wrong.

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OMG!! thaaaaanks <3 <3 saved a lot of time