SetPt creates bad objects


using SetPt (world, Z only) creates bad objects with the objects in the attached file.

ProjectToCPlane throws a warning.
I think the warning is better than creating bad objects.


CP_SetPoints.3dm (39.6 KB)

Hi Charles,

There is a CheckNewObjects command that you can run. This will automatically check for bad objects as they are created.

I don’t know whether this comes with a performance impairment as you might think that this would be useful by default.

The reason it is happening in your case is you are ending up with control points stacked on top of each other.

I know _CheckNewObjects and the reason why the new objects are bad.
But I think Rhino should not create bad objects!


A line with the start and end point the same is not a valid line. What should it do instead?

  1. Convert them to Points
  2. Remove them altogether
  3. Leave them as they are (similar to Project to CPlane)

When you use SetPts with a box it converts it to a Surface and Project to Cplane ignores the operation.

Personally I would prefer a mechanism where it produced results rather than ignoring the action.

I would prefer the choice between 1, 2 and 3.

OK so an extra option on the SetPt Command for Check

Location for points ( XSet=No YSet=No ZSet=Yes Alignment=World Copy=No Check=None/Convert/Delete/Remain ):

Added to bugtracker: