SetPt Crashes

It seems we have two threads overlapping here - the crash reports/issues with control points is apparent with the same set of points using - SetPt, Align (To Curve) and Distribute (in any axis)… That’s what the crash reports are referring to. The thread regarding “Distribute” is a more general issue with how Rhino deals with the distribute command i.e it does weird/funky things per the images I attached to that thread (Pascal and I have been ‘discussing’ this issue for quite some time)…

So we have one issue relating to manipulating Control points (Model and images already uploaded to that thread) and a different issue with the Distribute command (images attached to that thread)

Make sense?


You’re absolutely right. Sorry, I’m hijacking this thread. I was concerned about the crashes and I’m having a difficult time getting ahold of the file you uploaded to reproduce this issue (this is entirely a problem on our end). I’ll take the crashing issues into a separate thread or a PM if I have questions.

Attachments available until Mar 26, 2023

In a diff model the following OSX Crash report was generated - Rhino didn’t generate a crash report
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Thank you Phil!

I see one area where our wires are getting crossed (entirely my fault): I was looking at crashes in the RhinoWIP (for version 8); whereas this crash report is from Rhino 7.27.

I do see crashes submitted by you with the RhinoWIP and I’m focusing my attention there as I think we have the best shot at fixing them there.

Let’s start with SetPt, Align (To Curve) and Distribute case. Are you able to get RhinoWIP (8.0.23052.12306 is what I am using) to crash with the strand.3dm file you provided?

If so, can you help me with detailed steps to try to get it to crash. Here’s what I’ve attempted (without luck):

  1. Open strand.3dm in RhinoWIP (8.0.23052.12306)
  2. In the Perspective viewport (wireframe), select all the cylindrical “Boots”.
  3. Run the SetPt command, uncheck all except SetZ (Align to World) and set them all to a point snapped to the “wires.”
  4. Select the left-most boot and run the Align command (To Curve) to the wire nearby.
  5. Selected all the cylindrical “Boots” again.
  6. Run the Distribute command and distributed them all in the X axis.

I can’t seem to trigger a crash.

I tried all these steps in Rhino 7.27 and I also could not get a crash.