SetObjectDisplayMode is crashing SR11

Hi Jonah- look for 'Service release candidate", not ‘Daily’… Daily is not available ‘out there’ as far as I know.


Last one I checked still crashed… Yep, still does. (5.11.50107.14545, 07-Jan-15) Seems like there was a more recent build, but Rhino tells me it’s the most recent.

Even if we’re pretty “out there” ourselves?

Yeah, see, you have to be In Here. It’s for your own good you know…


I have same version as Mitch, also set to “SRC” and Rhino tells me that I’m up-to-date (which apparently I’m not?)… o_O

Yes, you are - for all practical purposes (and possibly for the sake of your sanity :slight_smile:

Hmm, the splash says I have version 7 January, the download page has 12 January…

Oops, sorry, read the date wrong, Euro vs. US date conventions… The download page says 1 December… 2014… Doh…

Great. now I’m both crazy and confused… :confused:

A new build is supposed to be built and released tonight.
I’m not aware of anything holding it up currently but it has to compile without any errors.

What was the YouTrack item your fix was checked in under?

It’s the one Pascal posted up above a few posts up…

Trunk branch or SR11?
The item doesn’t say.

It went into the SR11 branch and was then merged into trunk

any news on an update? Thanks

Anyone? :confused:

Sounds like we need to put out a new release candidate to make sure this is working. @brian

You guys are killing me over here… any chance this will happen soon?

It’s been 3 weeks from “tonight”, when a new SRC was (hopefully) to have been built and tested. And 4 days since my last inquiry, with no response given… ANY response at this point would be welcome…


Hi Jonah- I’ll see what I can find out about the SR11 RC. Sorry about the delay.



Just saw the updated build this morning. Issue seems to be fixed. Thanks!!!


Yep, just loaded the new RC and seems OK here… --Mitch