Set volume plugin

This is a simple plugin - in fact my first ever c# - that scales an object to a chosen volume. Needs to be a closed brep.
At first I thought to make this a cross platform plugin, but that was until I saw the manual for making a plugin cross platform :expressionless:

SetVolume.rhp (39.5 KB)


If you used only “simple” dependencies (RhinoCommon, regular .NET SDK assemblies like System, System.Collections, no Windows Forms) then all you need to do is to create a folder named SetVolume.rhp, copy the file SetVolume.rhp into it. Then zip up that folder. Once you have you rename it to SetVolume.macrhi. Done. Now you have an installer your Mac users can drop onto their Rhino 6 instance.

Here is how it ends looking up: SetVolume.macrhi (25.7 KB)

Here is command output for adding a sphere with radius 1, then using SetVolume to increase to 8.

Command: Sphere
1 surface added to selection.
Command: SetVolume
The volume of this object is 4.19 cubic millimeters.
Succesfully scaled your object.
1 surface added to selection.
Command: Volume
Volume = 8 (+/- 4.9e-07) cubic millimeters

Looks like you have those simple dependencies only (:

Congrats @Gijs !


Thanks @nathanletwory That’s nice :slight_smile: