Set the conditions of random plates

Hi there.
I want to know how to seat virtical plates randomly between 2pieces and 3pieces per hexagonal bace.
Now I can make a fig.1,2.

In this program,virtical plates set randamly at last.
So,there are hexagonal baces which have between 0pieces and 6pieces virtical plates.
my (17.0 KB)

Something like this? (22.0 KB)

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Thank you for your reply!
I’ll try your idea!

I want to know whther can I make simply programs which duplicate containing randomness at grasshopper.
Now I can make virtical plates randamly from a hexagonal bace and duplicate these virtical plates,but I want to duplicate randomness too.

挑戦中.gh (21.8 KB)

I think I already showed you how you can make random variations using random seed numbers in my previous post.
Try to provide as many different seed numbers as you want to Random Reduce.

挑戦中 (16.0 KB)

Thanks yore advice!
I’ll challenge your idea!