Set Panel Content via Rhino Script Python

Hello community,

I’am trying to set a panel content via Rhino Script in Python. I know the panel ID but I dont know the syntax to write content inside the panel.

This is what I was trying in Python Editor of Rhino, unfortunately it doesnt work:

    import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
obj = rs.GetObject("1cc1eede-0582-41bf-87e4-a43d890bfbd1")
if obj:
    rs.SetUserText( obj, "C:\Users\Sebastian\Desktop\KISS\input1.json")

I look forward for some help regarding this topic.

Best regards,

Hi @sl.zef.zal,

Technically, the Python script editor (EditPythonScript) is just a modeless dialog box, not a panel. That said, there is no script or SDK access to the editor.

– Dale