Set Object Value decreases redraw speed

I just wanted to use the Set Object Value component again to remotely set a toggle from another toggle.

Strangely as soon as I have it enabled, the redraw speed of GH when right-click dragging seems to be at least half of what it is when disabled. Even more strangely, if I go to View > Canvas redraw speed, the result is the same as when it is disabled. But when I use my mouse there is a very noticeable difference.

Is metahopper somehow “listening” to mouse events and do something constantly as soon as Set Object Value is enabled or while right-clicking?

Oh yeah, on the topic of Set Object Value. I like what it can do, but I would much rather have a Set Object Value Once component.

I want to remotely change a toggle, but I want that toggle to still work. So it should set it once, but then go back to not setting it. Does that make sense?

This is how it works today - it only triggers the change whenever the component executes. If you are experiencing something else, it might be due to the way you’re referencing the other object (eg “get connected object”) - better to use an indirect reference like “get objects in group” or “get object by nickname”

In fact, this may be the cause of your redraw speed issues - you might actually be triggering an infinite loop where the toggle updates, which triggers setting the toggle value, which triggers the toggle updating, and so on around and around.