Set Object / Multiple Object not working

Hi all, watching a number of youtube tutorials, you can right click on box node or point node and choose “Set Box” or “Set Multiple Boxes” and then grasshopper disappears and you can draw boxes or points in rhino. In the tutorials, you can also select points or boxes that are already in rhino. I can not perform this. I have tried Rhino 5 on Mac and I have tried Rhino 6 on Windows 10 - I can only draw new boxes and points. I cannot select boxes or points that already exist. If I right click into rhino the node becomes green but nothing was selected. How can I set multiple boxes that already exist in rhino?

Look at the command bar on rhino while you are supposed to select or create new points, change its Type.
2020-03-23 19_13_55-Window

For the boxes, if you want to select already made solids, use Brep parameter.