Set Multiple Graphical Elements - Order of Operations

Hi all,

I have a basic question that I assume has a very simple answer but I’m stumped.

Say that I want to Set Multiple Graphical Elements like the below:

If I first select the elements in Revit, and then right-click in GH Set Multiple - it works.

If, however, I first right-click in GH Set Multiple, I am sent to the Revit window to select elements with no way to confirm my selection. I can hit escape to cancel the element selection process and then I’m back where I started in GH without the elements set to the GH component. I can right click in Revit but that only allows me to cancel:

Is there some way to confirm element selection that I am missing?


From here.

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Yup! Happened to me too. There is a Finish button on ribbon, to the left.

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Ah-ha! Thank you both @kike @Japhy!

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