Set Linetypes for 2D view of specific walls in Grasshopper/or Rhino

Hi folks,

After making a Plan, Or Section of my building, my Walls of course appear according to the “defaul” style.
I couldnt figure out yet, how to give a certain linetype to specific walls. Lets say, 10 walls can be grey default with black line continous, but 1 should be yellow with crossed line (I dont want to give this line an extra Wallstyle)

Is this possible in Grasshopper?

Best wishes

Hi @user28 the attributes of walls can be defined by object or by style. But those assigned to the style will prevail over the object.
If you want to assign different attributes to walls of the same style, then leave the style attributes “by parent” and assign them directly to the object.
From Grasshopper it is not possible to assign object or style attributes.

Thanks for the Response. I did it directly in Rhino. I just thought, there is maybe a neat solution in grasshopper. (Maybe for the wishlist;) )

Hi @user28 I’ll add your vote for this feature in our wishlist.

Actually, we consider that the attributes management should be implemented by McNeel in Grasshopper, and not depend on third-party plug-ins, like Human or Elefront, which already do some great stuff. I believe there are some plans for it. Then we will implement our “section attributes” to fit with those components.

That is already implemented in Grasshopper 2, yes.