Set Geometry Pick Button or clear Value Listener


I have a Create Rhino Pick Button component that creates multiple (50+) buttons. Each button is correctly holding the GUID of the selected object, but in the instance that a user misclicks and select multiple wrong objects, I am unable to clear out the GUIDs that the Value Listener has grabbed thus far.

If they misclick a single point, then that’s okay because the Value Listener will overwrite that value in its correct spot in the list. However if they incorrectly select multiple objects from multiple buttons, it will keep reassigning the incorrect GUID to the corresponding button.

Is there a Set component I could use to change the value of the Geometry Pick button and clear it out?
I would also be open to a method where I create a button to “clear the cache” of all GUIDs from buttons picked thus far.

I cannot upload the entirety of my actual file but I have attached a sample file that shows the same issue. For context I am using the GUID from the Pick Button to assign the selected geometry a specific name (corresponding to the name of the Pick Button) with Elefront.

I’ve also tried using the Pick Objects Script here but since it’s connected to multiple buttons, it tries to run 50+ times even with a single button click.

Rhino Pick Button Forum (14.3 KB)

Please and thank you for the help!