Set different values of boundary conditions

Dear Kiwi3d support team,

I was trying to use the IGA solver of your Plug-in and recently a problem come to me when I try to define the boundary of my structure.

So for example I have this plate with 4 edges, and I would like to set the support with 4 different boundary conditions which are:
1). 4 edges with rotation-free support(3 degree of freedom)
2). 4 edges with fixed support (0 degree of freedom)
3). 2 neighbouring edges with fixed support and the other two with rotation-free support
4). 2 opposite edges with fixed support and the other with rotation-free support.

I used the command of SupportCurve and it seems that after choosing the curves it will apply a general value of Dx,Dy,Dz and Rotation to all the edges. So it would be good when it comes to the condition 1). and 2).


So my question is if I want to set a specified value(like rotation) of a certain edge, how could I realise it?
I tried to set a multiple value in terms of the rotation which should be also in the correct order of the edge curve. But when I check the results it seems that it didn´t work in that way, the result remains the same.

Another overview of the coding structure.

Here is my rhino and grasshopper file, looking forward for your reply!
4erplatewith edge.3dm (35.2 KB)
plate 1.5 with 10kn (13.2 KB)

Best regards,

Dear Yanran,

different supports could be realized by grafting the inputs of the supportcurve, if you want to avoid having several supportcomponent (one for every type of support).