Set camera - parallel projection problem

Hi people! I am trying to set a simple animation. The camera just changes position an captures the view. In Perspective projection it works just fine. When I switch (from grasshopper) to Parallel projection though all sorts of things go wrong on the viewport and also on the screenshot.

For the camera manipulation I 've used Human, Heteroptera, and also wrote a few c# lines on my own. The c# seems to work the best, sometimes get’s it right, but sometimes has some artifacts (on the screenshot only).

For the screenshot I am using LadyBug, but get the exact same results if I do ViewCaptureToFile in Rhino. See below the results for all 3 methods.

Any help is greatly appreciated…

c#_script_parallel c#_script_perspective heteroptera_paralle heteroptera_Perspective human_parallel human_perspective (31.3 KB)