Set back fillets?

I’ve seen quite a lot of tutorials and helpful posts on here about creating certain fillets but I can’t remember if there was talk about adding some kind of setback fillet option within Rhino?

I find myself exporting a lot of stuff to Fusion 360 to apply fillets to stuff to stop it looking a little Fisher Price and also to solve some of the errors that crop up.

It would be a great addition although it’s not always the right approach.

In this instance I’m revisiting a watch model I created for a client after it was modified for production by their chosen manufacturer. I was given the shell of their production model and I’m now remodelling it for ‘photoshots’ for their web page.

In the screenshot I’ve taken two corners from a model i filleted in Fusion 360 and I’ve added them to my existing model. From what I’m aware of there is no option in any package to add a selection/option of what kind of fillet you want on each corner. Sometimes a combination of the two works better than one or the other.

2DCube, for several years he asks an option of this sort in the fillet tools (also a liitle Multiblend as VSR to perform with ease fillet of type “setback”), but to no avail.
The priorities appear to others …
Maybe we will see something in Rhino 7 or Rhino 8, but we should wait at least another 6 or 11 years! (Meanwhile the competition, including software a lot less efficient than Rhino also make the coffee!).

Hi Andy - yeah, it would be nice - there are a couple of items on the dreaded ‘pile’ for setback fillets - I don’t know what the prospects are at the moment.


Hi Pascal,

Yeah, I seem to remember it coming up a few times but I couldn’t pinpoint it in the search.

I thought I’d give the topic a nudge.



[I find that set back fillets are a little too heavy in some cases and make the part too rounded. In this instance it seemed to work well with a selection. I think it would certainly be a feather in the cap if corners could be selected rather than just applying it to a range]

Please enlighten me … What IS a setback fillet?

Hi Chris- see the image in Andy’s original post - see how the constant radius fillets do not finish at the corners with a sphere - instead the radius is eased out to be larger - over a short distance: the setback- from the corner. Input is the desired radius at the corner point and, possibly, setback distance, though that might be automatically worked out from the difference in radius from the rolling ball part.