Set an upper limit on deflection?

I am trying to minimize both the weight and the deflection of my bride. Though, the Galapagos can only receive one Fitness value. I solved this by multiply deflection and weight then I connect Galapagos to this output, instead, so that I can limit both of them. The problem is that Galapagos just kept minimize my weight but let my deflection increase, gradually. I was thinking about setting an upper limit to the output of my Analyze component. Is there a way to do this? Any other suggestions are welcomed. Thank you very much! (59.4 KB)

Edit: Also, the unit in Grasshopper is set to meter, unless specified, am I correct? I was just curious what is an actual unit of my bridge length

Try to minimize the energy dissipation,

And how do I do that?

Instead of feeding Galapagos the multiplication of the deflection and the weight, feed him the energy and start the iteration, this should work.

I know that this will minimize the deflection, but how does it going to minimize the weight of my structure?

This is a crucial point! (if the tools you are using are “complete”)
Don’t overlook it.

You can see the units of your rhino file on the bottom, near the current active layer.

If on millimeters, centimeters, or meters… it would completely change the output… as mechanical properties are often proportional to the area of the section, but the weight (inertia and so on…) is proportional to the volume.

Grasshopper is blind, it will use the rhino unit as “unit” and do the calculations regardless of which it is.
The script or custom components you are using should take into account of the unit of the rhino file… probably.

Be sure about this matter, remove your doubts, before continuing…