Set an expire date to a Ghpython Node

Dear all,

Does any one know how to set an expire date to a Ghpython node? After this date the Ghpython node won’t work/process data any more.



Hi Jack

it would be easy enough to just write a date in code and check if the date is past the present one, but then, if the component is not compiled, changing this is rather easy.
If you have access to Rhino WIP then you can more easily compile your code, and that would make changing the date more complicated.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi Piac,

Thanks for your suggestion.
I have try the first way. Although it doesn’t seems brief but at least working…:slight_smile:
Guest there must be some other way can make it better.
So I just need to make this node to be a user object and assign password to it. (5.5 KB)

The second way I haven’t try yet, hope it won’t be too complicated.:sweat_smile:



Just wondering, can someone still access the code even if I have set a password to the node?

User objects are not designed to keep private things private. They are designed to keep things instantiable. You need the Rhino WIP .GHPY compiler to really compile them. If a thin cloak to protect against accidental gaze is OK, then probably a user object with password is OK.

I see, thanks Piac