Set a floating viewport always on top?

I have two monitors. In Rhino, AC/Corel/etc, one monitor is work and working viewports, the other for tool palettes, etc. I made another floating viewport in Rhino I’d like to place on the second monitor, but it ends up behind the palettes. How do I set it to “always on top?”

Just wanted to ask the same. Yes, TestHideOnDeactivate is step 1 so it doesn’t hide the floating viewport, but we want the floating viewport to actually stay on top, so that for example if you have Grasshopper fullscreen you can still have a floating viewport on top of it.

At least Grasshopper should be considered “part of Rhino” and not hide any viewports anyways. But the option to leave it on top would be great.

Here is an example. As soon as I click on Grasshopper the viewport disappears :confused:

ps: just noticed that the other way rounds its kind of already like that: if you float the grasshopper window over Rhino it is actually set to stay on top always.

Got that, thanks.
RH-63010 Floating viewport: Always on top of GH


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Have this running in rh7 and rh6 with window floating over grasshopper:

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