Service update is unavailable

Did you solve this?

When you install rhino, do you leave “Let Rhino automatically download latest versions” flagged ?
Every time i uncheck that flag i have the whole “Update and statistics” tab grayed out like in Chita’s screenshot.
Try to reinstall and be sure to leave both:
“Let Rhino automatically download latest versions”
“Send anonymous stats about installation to McNeel”

Thanks for all your sleuthing! How are you closing it on your computer? With windows firewall?

Port was strict closed on the DSL router device.

But forgot port 25, i have recorded my LAN network data and not one byte was sent from Rhino over port 25
Probably i had a couple of days general DSL connection problem with my ISP, i think severe unrecognizable routing malfunctions on ISP side. (to me invisible, WWW was normally accessible)

And result feels strange, like dysfunctional OSI model, it remains a mystery, port 25 was closed and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\McNeelUpdate “Enabled” Value went down to 0.

At weekend my DSL connection was completely interrupted and on ISP side new configured.

Now everything works as usual (also with port closed or opened)

If appear again, i will record a few data, include WAN side and when OS starts.

Any progress to report on this? McNeel update service still unavailable, no hope in sight.

-Frustrated longtime customer

Any update? Still no advice? Really?