Server 500 error when uploading model

At present, I can not upload a model and receive the server 500 error message.
Is there an issue with the server at present?

We are currently experiencing some trouble with uploads due to a maintenance update. The functionality should be working again shortly.

I have sam error when I try to see one of my model in shapediver page…

@haluk_aydogan which model?

I found which model it was, should work again, please let me know. Sorry for the glitch…

it is ok now. thx

again for another drawing now?

I tested several of your models and could not reproduce the 500 server error. Could you confirm whether it is still happening and point me to which model causes the issue? If it works now, it is likely that a temporary error was caused by a deployment.

Hi Mathieu,

I saw this error yesterday while doing some updates - it sorted itself out after about 30 min - server side issue perhaps?



Thanks for letting me know, we did an update yesterday that might explain it. Please report any other instance of this issue if it happens again.

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