Seriously... this user(name) thing starts getting ridiculous!

Love this idea! The new “User0000” style usernames just seem so sterile to me as well. There must be a better way.

The difference is that there currently is a single diff-arch with a distinct icon, whereas there are hundreds or maybe thousands of user3033, user3303, user3333, user3003, user3000, etc. with generic icons that are far harder to keep apart, at least for me.
Maybe it’s as hard for you to “name” me diff-arch, but just imagine if every future user would be called diff-arch suffixed by a four digit number. :smiley:

Handy Porcupine is my little Form 2. I agree with you, the names are fun.

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There are many ready-made animal+adjective name generators out there. Fun…
Adjective Animal Generator (

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I wouldn’t mind the userxxxx naming if there was a way to mute all of them.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to get private message complaints because someone thinks I called them a stinkbug on purpose.

[edit] We are investigating what we can do about this


@davidcockey was spot on. We weren’t sending the user’s name to discourse, so when it stopped generating usernames from the user’s email, these generic usernames started showing up.

We’re now setting the name when an account is created and discourse will use this to generate a unique username.


Hi Will - I actually sent a note / screenshot in a couple of days ago about this…
Support noted that there should be a little pencil icon in our account setting page to change this. However, there isn’t one present, at least, on mine.

@Turner so you say you don’t see this?

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Hm, looks like we only let regular users change their username in the first three days.

@Turner Please PM me with the name you want it to be changed to!


Hi Nathan - correct:


I’d actually contacted support as I’d been trying to figure out how to merge this and my demo account, but got stuck here… :slight_smile:

Like that dark theme btw. Think I’ll switch…

Does it mean we will no longer see new UserXXXX accounts since all new users will have to specify something more unique?

Hi Jarek -

That’s correct, yes. The Discourse user name will now be generated from the Rhino Account user name.