Serious repeatable bug "File>Send" Windows 7/8.0/8.1

If you hit File>Send from inside Rhino, it opens a mail window in your default mail program, but as soon as you put the cursor in the To: box, you get a “Server Busy” error message that you can’t get out of… Only way out is to kill Rhino AND the mail program and lose any unsaved work. :confounded:

I never use this myself, but a client just called and asked me about it… so I tried myself and of course promptly lost the last 10 minutes of my unsaved work… (so beware trying !!!)


Save first? :wink:
The Send process has run into some problems lately partly because of the extensive use of web mail. We decided in the development meeting to drop this feature as it has become impossible to support.

OK, well maybe it needs to be taken out of Rhino ASAP, like in the next service release…!