Series of incremental circles, but respect to the last one created


I can’t find the right worlds to explain it but basically what I’m trying to do is some sort of series that consist of generating circles wich are 20% bigger in radius to the last one created.
It may be easier to understand with the following image:
I created a circle with a radius (10), then I make a simple expresion to calculate the 20% of that radius and add it to it. The radius of the next circle is the result of that exprecion, then the following one has a radius that consist of the result of the same expresion but insead of using 10 is the previous result.

Hope you can help me.


if you want to parameterize the number of circles you need to use Anemone. (6.5 KB)

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Not mandatory to use Anemone or recursion.
You could repeat data (6.7 KB)

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Great! Thanks a lot!

No problem, it is also useful you know Anemone.

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