Series in decremental distances

I’m trying to create a series where the distance decrease each step. I have only tried mass addition which gives the opposite ( distance increase each step). I tried adding an expression (-x) and that gives me the decremental series but they are in the negative z direction… Any idea what command should I use instead?

tower (19.2 KB)

Probably a easy way to do this in native components or coding, if no effort is given there is always the Pufferfish component.

Thanks! And how do I add a coding to that? Tried mass subtraction and it didn’t give me what i wanted.

A series is a numerical operation that generates values, not a list of numbers (this is its result). Since you haven’t explained the rule or logic of the sequence, I guess you just need numbers. In that case, just do the distribution using a range and a graph mapper (and maybe also the mass addition) and remap it to your scale.

Hi, is it ok if you send me the grasshopper file?

I got confused about what you are trying to do…? Focused on scale factor instead of height, and that resulted in a linear “cone” when lofted. Will have to ponder this further… (20.0 KB)

Seems to me that horizontal (scale) and vertical should be controlled independently instead of together like this? (24.2 KB)

Same with minor adjustments to Graph Mapper:

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Did you try reverse?

Hi, that worked really well so I tried to apply it on my main tower too because currently my main tower is just copies of the same object but made smaller and base plane adjusted to the top of the section below it. This made my grasshopper script super long and requires too many adjustments if i change some parameters…
I can’t seem to adjust it to get what i want. The horizontal scales are just about right but the vertical heights are very off and I don’t know how to fix it. Any advice? Or is there another more practical way to do this? (31.2 KB)

It’s been too long since I looked at this, I don’t remember the issues. Looking at your latest code, I see a Rectangle being created twice for no reason? Later, before Offset, I see a curve being defined that you already had earlier (“OVERALL PLAN GEOM”).

I’m sorry, I’m just not into figuring this out. Looks like you’re pretty close though? Keep at it, you’ll get it.

Oh wait, I see some duplication of geometry, a data tree problem. I’ve done nothing except add my ‘Tree List Viewer’ tool. It is likely something simple, perhaps related to DeBrep (Deconstruct Brep) which generates a multi-branch tree? Sorry again, I just don’t have the patience for this today. Good luck and keep up. (27.3 KB)