Serializing information with GH_AssemblyPriority

(Cameron Newnham) #1

Hi (David)
Is there a way to serialize global data with the editor?

I’m extending GH_AssemblyPriority and using a GH_TagArtist to highlight the active paths of a document (to provide feedback to the user about what components are being triggered when they update a parameter).

This is a behaviour that users can toggle on/off through the main toolstrip, but it doesn’t persist between sessions (obviously). All I’m looking to do is serialize a boolean in the GH_AssemblyPriority so that the on/off state persists across sessions. The menu items are loaded at at a delay (after the DocumentEditor is initialized).

I naively tried implementing the GH_ISerializable interface but I assume these methods are only called on GH_InstanceDescription objects and hence not called when the editor opens or closes.

I’ve had good feedback about this feature so I am trying to make it as user-friendly as possible :slight_smile:


(Cameron Newnham) #2

Ah, looked through the API further and found Grasshopper.Instances.Settings.

This post is now redundant, feel free to remove it :slight_smile:



No, it contains sefl info for others as well. Keep it.

// Rolf