Serialization for plugin objects and saving to rhino file

Hi @dale and others ,

I’m not super familiar with c# serialization but I understand in general that it allows all sort of data structures to be saved as binary data.

We have a pretty complex plugin with a complex hierarchical data structure that we want to save inside the rhino file. Right now we are using a Archivable dictionary to save the data into and we have created some interfaces with saving patterns to create a systematic approach for the saving. The main issue with this is that the keys for the data we are saving become very long when we go deep into the hierarchy and the keys take actually more space than the actual data that we are saving. This is important since we are saving FEM-calculation data into our plugin and the files can become significantly large.

So I was thinking that maybe by using the serialization patterns we create better way of saving data into the rhino file. Is there a ready made approach for this?

Hi @matti.pirinen,

Have you looked into using user data?

– Dale