Serengeti Invasion?

Have we been invaded?

At least the first 50 or so look to be straight from a number generator.

I got a new invitation eMail last night so I’m just wondering if something has gone wrong?

Ouch, that doesn’t look good… Didn’t get an invitation email like you did, though… --Mitch

@sam, intrusion alert, …did not get an invitation either.


Well, the invitation came from Steve Baer. But I suppose that can have been part of an infection. Anyways, I am not sure if Sam is the person to ask.

I got two invitations the other day even though I was already in the group…

Luis E. Fraguada

@wim yes, i probably typed too fast. This should have been @stevebaer instead.


Sorry guys if you got extra invites. I wrote an invitation system for bringing in more people to Serengeti and am still working out the bugs in my code:) Yesterday I sent out a batch of invites to the “developer” crowd. This includes people who have contributed to Food4Rhino or who have downloaded the C++ SDK. My system doesn’t have a way yet to check and see if you are already in the “Serengeti” group which is why you may have gotten a little bit of what could be considered spam from me.

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I’m new but NOT A ROBOT. Promise. *beep *boop

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Those were all people with email addresses (Chinese).

Ok. Thanks for that. Looks like everything is still totally under control then.

But @sam can get a bug report anyway. The list of members is said to count over 400 but only the first 200 can be seen. There is no second page link or so.

Yes totally our group management stuff for groups larger than 200 really needs some work.