Sequential / unique serial numbers

Hi, does anyone know of a way in to generate and emboss/deboss sequential serial numbers to 120 of the same object? (eg: USN01, USN02, USN03…etc).

Hopefully to save me from having to do it manually… Cheers!

You can create numbers like this: (10.6 KB)

Emboss / deboss? Should this text be 3D printed or laser engraved?


Legend! Yes potentially 3d printed so if it was possible to deboss without having to do it manually that’d be awesome.

For sure it is possible. It is almost useless to give you something as you provided nothing. What type of geometry mesh or brep. Size of marking orientation depth … ?
Read that

And you ll get better answers

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Hi, I’m new here so appreciate the tip and advice.

The object is similar to the Altered Carbon cortical stack (TV Show prop).
Much less organic and low-poly. Built as a polysurface and potentially to be meshed for some more organic features.

On the back (flat surface) emboss/deboss unique serial numbers, approx 50x20mm and no deeper than 1-2mm.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Please post a Rhino file with at least one typical object / simplified object.

You will find script to convert text to mesh brep extrusion here

Here I made some test with my plugin (Nautilus to be republished)

First I used one component to transform text to brep, then mesh it, mirror it in order for it to be debossed

Then the main object is transformed to mesh (could be brep)

Then I used my component to show all the objects in a grid

WOW! This is hugely helpful, thank you so much for your time and effort. Hugely appreciated, Legend!