"Sequential closest points" broken in V6 / GH1

I used this tool a lot.
It does not work anymore in V6/GH1.

I don’t have the ability to recompile Sequential Closest Points component for R6 or provide corresponding script, BTW, can introduce old topic that deal with similar algorithm called “Travelling Salesman”.

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You can use this as a quick fix.

SortPath.gh (5.7 KB)


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your effort.
Sadly, it doesn’t work here :

I have exactly the same issue with “Sequential Closest Points”.


It looks like you have the inputs plugged in backwards. P should be the start point, S is the list (cloud) of sample points to sort. (Same goes for the Sequentially Sort Points Component)

I feel really silly at this point…

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Shit happens (I think S is not the best name as it makes the brain think “Start”)

Yeah, to me, it was “Points” and “Start”, but the Neoarchaic component had proper tooltips, so I can’t even hide behind this.

Yes P reminds me of “Point Cloud”, anyway so the Neoarchaic component does in fact work?

Yes, it works.
I had an instance where it produced a bunch of cryptic error messages but I can’t reproduce that…