Sequencing of curves

Im not sure what you did but none of the components are connected.

yeah when i internalised data the connections were gone

You only need to internalize your parameters, specifically the ones that reference rhino geometry. Parameters are components from the params tab, the ones that store data.

I suggest giving this primer a read through so you can know what things are in gh:

this is how it looks connected (76.1 KB)
i upload internalise data file

Ok, but can you be a bit more specific about what you mean? Outside right most side isnt very helpful in 3d space. Do you mean from plan view? Elevation? Typically screenshots and diagrams help to get answers correct. See here: How to ask effective questions

when u open test file and sample geometry file u will see like this

most right side means the plane that is most far from origin in x axis. and start sequencing in that plane with smallest square as number 1 in sequence

did u got what i meant to say?

Something like this? (71.3 KB) (73.2 KB)

actually i am designing tool path for rough milling and i am going for a square approach. so i need the tool path as similar to those square planes i have constructed.

Last polyline in my def is just for display purpose. (73.7 KB)

You’ll have to explain your intention in detail from the first place next time… (72.5 KB)

thank you kim
is it possible to do the same if my squares are not complete?

You should give it a try (75.8 KB)

kim what about rest of the planes? u sequenced only outer most plane i guess, what about inside planes?

I just show you one branch for demonstration.

You should get paid :smiley: