Seperating mesh quads based on colour coding

I developed a script that colours faces based on the slope of the terrain.

How can I generate polylines based on the boundary of the colour fill? Like, the green areas can have their own separate boundary ?

TERRAIN (646.2 KB)

Mesh Iso splitting ?

Thanks …

I opened this script.

It is using c# custom script. I have zero knowledge of c#. Any way to use native components or plugins to generate polylines based on colour fill of mesh?

I don’t really see the problem, the only difference between c# component and plugin is that plugin is compiled and you don’t have (most of the time) to the source code. You don’t have to have knowledge in C#. You can put this component in your library and use it as a plugin component, put an ICON …

If anyone still has this problem, here is a script a made with no custom script or plugins needed. The splitting lists looks a bit clunky but I found it worked much faster than a .py script. I used it for a gradient slope analysis with 6 different colours and found it worked very well.

split meshes by (15.8 KB)