Seperate Grid (Snap) values for XYZ

hello all,

for faster assembly of parts I would like to use the grid snap option while moving parts with the gumball. Unfortunately the x and y grid of my parts are not the same. (meaning: I don’t want to move cubes but cuboids around)

Is it possible to set different values?
(So far I only found the workaround of having different grid values for the front and side view for example.)

thanks for any hints.

Hi - no, that is not possible.

The only thing that I can think of is to create as many viewports with unique grid settings as you need and only move in one direction based on in which viewport you are working.

It sounds like it would be much easier to just type in the units that you need…

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Or, create a grid of actual lines in the 3 axes with the spacings desired, put them on a locked layer and use Int osnap (SnapToLocked=Yes). Could slow things down if you have a lot of lines though.

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