Seperate between trimmed surface and open brep

so I’m deveploving code with voronoi, and after some time, I’ve got a list of trimmed surfaces and open breps.
and I need the surfaces alone. how can i do that?
I’ve tried list item, but there is over 2000 things in the list, so its not a option.


you might find your answer here.

Here are the usual approaches:

  1. Use the Cull Pattern component to get rid of all items in a list you do not want. You’ll have to create a pattern of true/false values (one for each element in your original list). The items will be really removed, no holes left in the list.
  2. Use the Sift component to split your list into two or more separate lists, again using a pattern. This approach will leave empty slots in all output lists which makes it easier to put them all back together again in the same order using the Combine component. This is useful if you want to perform some sort of operation on only come items in a list.