Separating breps from geometry using clash detection

Looking for some help, currently stuck with how to separate a list of breps contained withing a geometry. As you can see from the attached image I have created a random array of tubes which I would like to be prevented from moving by a brep. I have used the clash detection command which has provided me with a list of intersecting tubes.

The issue that I am having is in separating these from the previous group of geometries so that they can be moved to a plane that I have attributed to the underside of the brep cube.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


is that what you are looking for?

Seems to be closer, I am just looking for the intersecting breps which this gives me. However, when I use the list item component I just get given the original brep not the 55 that are identified through the clash detection.

Thanks for your help by the way.

if you are connecting the pipes to the second list (B) then take the second index ( j output)

Amazing, thank you.