Separated NURBS geometries as one polysurface


Today I have a rather unconventional problem. In my line of work I am sometimes forced to have a one polysurface created from objects that are not intersecting each other or not even close to each other.

While working on Rhino 5, method for it was quite simple. First I bolleaned objects together using some other geometry so it can be one polysurface, and then together with pressing CTRL+SHIFT i clicked on surfaces I want to be removed and after removal it still was recognized as one geometry.

I switched to Rhino 6 recently and when I choose surfaces for removal with CTRL+SHIFT, Rhino does not keep it as one polysurface and just divides it into parts that are actually connecting each other.

My question is, can I achieve in Rhino 6 the same result I described above from Rhino 5.

I attach simple Rhino file to this thread to illustrate an effect that I need.
Thank you in advance for answering.


test boolean.3dm (97.0 KB)

Try right click on explode. It has a copy yes or no option. —Mark

Hello - use NonManifoldMerge for this.


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Thank you Pascal ! NonManifoldMerge gets the job done!

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