Separate Select and Move parts of one family .rfa in grasshopper

Hello everyone,

I created three solid blocks and one void block in one Revit family .rfa file. But I would like to move only solid blocks. Is there any scripts in grasshopper ? If you know better ideas, could you please explain it to me? I also attached the family data that I created in below.

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パラペット.rfa (528 KB)

Hi Ei Zin,

You can modify family Type or Instance parameters with the Element Parameter component

Hope this helps.

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Hello Japhy,

Thanks for your answer. Your solution works. But my problem is that I would like to move the whole void without affecting solid blocks and I don`t know how could I define instance parameter like Height L1, R1 for moving that void.

Sometimes I would like to move that void to the left and sometimes to the right. If you have better ideas, please explain me.

Thank again for your reply!
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There is a lot of information out there on Advanced Family building.

Generally you want to be very particular on what you are attaching your parameters to.

In this example there are two choices on the bottom attachment of the label; the reference plane or Reference Level, both have their merits depending on circumstances.

The top of the Parameter Label gets attached to a Reference Plane, then aligned and locked to the Extrusion Shape Handle or Reference (tab to select the one you want)

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