Separate scripting for Rhino and scripting for GH categories?

@stevebaer, @DavidRutten Since we now seem to be getting a lot of (mostly Python) scripting questions that are related to Grasshopper, I would propose that a subcategory of the Discourse Grasshopper section be made for scripting within GH. For me this is distinctly different than just scripting in the normal Rhino environment… FWIW.



I don’t think we want to add yet more categories. There’s so much overlap in these categories that I would rather just keep things as they are. Just my two cents.

@stevebaer another option you have is just to enable the tagging plugin and start using that for “softer” categorisation. (in site settings)

Thanks, I didn’t even realize that plug-in or the polling plug-in even existed :smile: That’s good, means I’m spending more time writing Rhino and less trying to manage this forum.

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