Separate object transparency from colour?

The recent addition of transparency to objects is brilliant, and something I’ve been waiting for for a while.

However, having used this in other cad applications, the fact that transparency is bound to the colour properties of the object (or layer) makes it quite rigid, as it then means that these can only be edited on a per object basis.

Say I bring in a dwg to use as a reference. I want to keep everything the same, but just change the opacity of all linework (on multiple layers/object colours) to 50% - how can I do this without editing everything manually?

In an ideal world, it would be great if transparency could be separated from object colour as a property which could then be edited seprately. Alternatively, is there some kind of script which might do this?


this should do it for colors set ByLayer:

it probably can be modified to also work with ByObject color if needed.


That’s awesome! Thank you very much, very useful.

Would be great if this was able to include object colour as well - depending on if you have the time to modify it :wink: