Separate cutted pattern!

From yesterday I am trying to divide splitted parts but something get wrong… I would appreciate if u will help to separate split pattern. Mars wall (9.3 KB)
Egg shel pattern.3dm (156.4 KB)

Is this what you want?

Mars wall (74.9 KB)

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This is really nice. Thank u soo much, but is it possible to take out crossed rectangles? as in previus picture I showed.

?.. Turn off the preview of Boundary Surfaces.

I mean how to remove this yellow part?

The criteria for selecting panels to remove is vague.

I didn’t mean exactly that yellow ones.My basic idea was to make them cutted opening and keep only whole rectangles with removing splitted rectangles
as u can see from this picture theres noo splitted rectangles.

Mars wall (79.2 KB)

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thank you Kim.Its more than my expectation.So nice!!