Separate brep bodies based on true or false, then combine all true brep

my second day learning grasshopper, i need some help sorting lists and breps. the end goal is to delete the voronoi cells that do not come in contact/ are engulfed by the sphere, then finally deconstruct the remaining cells and use the edges.

im having a hard time figuring out how to seperate the values by true and false. and even after thats done, i need to re-assign the true numbers to the brep

gh vorotest (8.4 KB)

gh vorotest (11.3 KB)

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thank you so much for the fast reply, this totally worked. ive been trying to use the cull pattern for the last 3 hours to no avail. you must be a magician or some sht

You can also use Clash.

gh vorotest (12.4 KB)

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